the practical ways
to achieve a happy relationship
without compromise or conflict."

John Gray PhD, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

A relationship book that can strengthen your marriage
ot just for now, but forever

Have you ever seen a couple who seems to know a secret? They hold hands, laugh often, appear connected with one another. Have you ever wished you and your partner could have what they have? In today's society, it's easy to get discouraged about marriage. It's easy to assume most of us will never find long-lasting happiness. But it is possible to be a part of a happy couple instead of always in awe of them.

WONDERFUL MARRIAGE: A GUIDE TO BUILDING A GREAT RELATIONSHIP THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME is a relationship book written by Lilo and Gerry Leeds, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and a happily married couple of nearly 60 years. Terrence Real, bestselling author and family therapist, brought wise and insightful contributions, as well.

This is not a conservative or old-fashioned book to landing a spouse but a refreshing and easy-to-understand guide offering an important and relevant message for all 21st-century couples.


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