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After enough people pressed Lilo and Gerard Leeds for the secret to their marital happiness, they decided to compile their shared knowledge into a book. From that idea WONDERFUL MARRIAGE: A GUIDE TO BUILDING A GREAT RELATIONSHIP THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME was born. In this refreshing and relevant book, Lilo and Gerry tap into the wisdom they've garnered from nearly 60 years together while also compiling findings from dozens of interviews with other happily married couples.

Wonderful Marriage is organized into ten easy-to-follow chapters which highlight the essential elements of a happy marriage. Bestselling author Terrence Real, author of The New Rules of Marriage, joins the Leeds and shares his expertise and learned insights about couples who go the distance. Real has provided an engaging foreword and a comprehensive afterword chapter that supports and builds on the Leeds strong message.

Topics covered in WONDERFUL MARRIAGE include:

  • How to communicate lovingly

  • How to maintain intimacy

  • How to be the right partner

  • How to keep sex satisfying for both partners

  • How to raise children

  • How to handle finances and busy career

WONDERFUL MARRIAGE is more than just a trendy relationship book to pick up in order to salvage a crumbling union. This book is intended for all couples. The Leeds weren't satisfied with a mediocre marriage and it's refreshing to find no couple should be. It's easy to clutter a relationship with all that goes wrong, but the Leeds remind and encourage couples to focus on what a relationship could be-wonderful, for life.

Lilo and Gerry Leeds, a couple who has spent 57 years respecting and loving each other, are offering you the chance to strengthen and reinvigorate your own marriage.


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