For many couples "opposites attract"--and the authors of WONDERFUL MARRIAGE agree! The key to a happy and wonderful relationship isn't to avoid differences but to acknowledge important issues before they hurt a partnership.

Here are six big issues you shouldn't ignore:

  1. Religion-You and your partner should feel comfortable with the role religion will play (if any) in your marriage

  2. Money-You should communicate with your spouse about how you both will earn, spend and save money

  3. Sex-You and your spouse should feel that your sexual needs are being met. Sex is different for every couple, but it should always be great

  4. Children-A happy couple decides together whether or not to have children and how to raise any children they do have

  5. Recreational activities-You don't have to share every interest with your spouse and time alone is important, but happy couples enjoy the time they spend together.

  6. Acceptable behavior-Each individual can only accept what they're comfortable with. You should talk with your spouse about what you feel is and isn't acceptable in a relationship


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